2011-02-26 50 7

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Sat 26 Feb 2011 in 50,7:
50.5847362, 7.5654490

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In a field between Dürrholz / Muscheid and Daufenbach (Westerwald). In other words probably close to the end of the world as I know it ...



Todays goal: visit a new graticule. 50,7 is about an hours drive from home and $wife is away for the day. Pefect opportunity. If I'm back in time I might do another one with Ekorren, see here.


Took off at 9am and took the Autobahn to the hash (where on earth are all the people from the netherlands going?!?). Found a little parking area in front of a sports field close to the hash, went on foot from there. Traced the outlines of the fields to get closer to the hash but finally realized that I would have to enter one of the fields by 100 meters to actually get to the hash. Since this was my first expedition in 50,7 and I really wanted to get this I weighed my options for a bit and then decided to go for it anyway. Crossed half the field with as big strides as possible, took the screenshots from the GPS and headed back off the field as fast as possible. There I took the grin shot and decided to extend the whole thing by a bit by taking the route through Muscheid to get back to the car. Found another water station (long story, see previous hashes).

On the way back I stopped for gas at a station and had a quick chat with Ekorren to tell him that I won't make the afternoon hash we discussed for Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We got talking about several things, among them the usage of cars for hashing and people trespassing to get to certain hashes. Naturally that got me thinking because technically I trespassed as well as soon as I set foot on the field above. Then again I'm hoping that I'm not too far out when saying that there's probably a difference between entering a field and for example crossing a fence on private property in a populated area. Admittedly, it's not a big difference and it's always a question of where to draw the line. The first one I'd probably do again, the second one I wouldn't which is proven by the ambassador achievements in my past. I'm gonna claim this hash as "reached" anyway, leave a comment if you strongly disagree.


See here.



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