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600 meters into the forest, more than a meter deep snow and steep uphill.




At the final day of our ski holiday a hashpoint appeared at a possible to reach location(you could argue about that but in my opinion it was possible). 450 meters as the crows flies into a forest. The plans was then formed like this: We we're going skiing (as planned) during the day and then afterwards I would be dropped off at the road while the others would fix some last things. Then they would pick me up again some time later and we would all go home again.


So after skiing me tired I was dropped off. For the expedition I left the skies for two reason a) It were too steep and b) too many trees for doing any good. The snow depth was far above one meter and therefore I had snow half the way up my tights, this was really going to be tiresome. Since I had to bring fourth power for almost each step I wasn't walking fast at all. In fact the GPS didn't always catch my speed. And with a speed of 0.0 it wasn't sure which direction I was walking and therefore couldn't point out the correct way. To solve this I had to (from time to time) hold the GPS behind me and move it fast in front of me. This made it record a speed fast enough for a second or two for me to navigate with. After the 450 meters which was 625 in fact (I didn't fly with the crows) I arrived at the hashpoint. Did the usual and went back along my own tracks.


Despite of what it looks like I actually walked exactly the same way both of the ways. Tracklog [1]



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