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Somewhere near Wipfratal on a strip of grass.



Since my usual hashing colleague went home early and claimed to be a bit ill I had a look at train connections and how far it would be from a station to walk. Arnstadt South was too far off, about 10 km to walk, I wouldn't have made that after work. Plaue looked better, from there it would be 3-4 km to walk with a number of tracks available too.

I forgot to bring my torch to Erfurt but then again there wouldn't be any clouds and I'd manage somehow ... is what I thought.


Took the train at 18:47 and got to Plaue around 19:15. Started walking toward the hash and all was good for the first kilometer or so. When I got to the first trees and the track started decending down the woods I realized there there was one mistake in my plan. However dark it is outside the woods, it's even darker in the woods and unfortunately it was too dark to continue (I tried for a couple of hundred meters ...).

So I turned around and with a little running just about catched the 20:38 train back to Erfurt. Lesson learned: moonlight will probably not replace a torch.

All in all I had a nice little monday-night-6.8km-walk and spend a little money on the train, it was fun even though I didn't reach the hash :)


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