2011-04-25 42 -83

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Mon 25 Apr 2011 in 42,-83:
42.5761225, -83.1001899

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This hash is located in Troy in the Detroit, Michigan graticule on the corner of Gate and Forge streets in a subdivision on the south side of Wattles between John R and Dequindre.

Anybody get the Couch Potato Geohash achievement?

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According to my usual ritual, around ten o'clock I checked the hashpoint for the day, usually lamenting being in one corner and it being in one of the others. This time, though, it was within a few km of my workplace! I'd told my boss a little bit about it, and he was in. Working in the health care industry, it was hard to find a break in time to go.

Eventually, we found a lull and went for it--one patient with a timed treatment that it wouldn't hurt if it went a couple extra minutes. So yes, we were pretty much completely responsible in our irresponsibility.

I stood on the exact location. One picture of me, one picture of my boss. We put in five minutes margin of error for the trip...and came back to find the timer at exactly five minutes. I later came back to acquire additional proof pictures for adequate documentation.


nearest street corner.  
Documenting the actual street signs.  
At my first hash, whoo!  
My boss at the hash.  


Quite a few of these for a first time out

Moderndayknight earned the Land geohash achievement
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