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Wed 4 May 2011 in 51,10:
51.0829395, 10.7099366

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On a field near Gräfentonna which has a train station that's in reach from Erfurt.



Go there after work, take the train to Gräfentonna and have a little walk. Let's hope it doesn't rain or I can't be bothered ;)


Rincewind couldn't be bothered (or at least not w/o taking his car, lazy git ;) and since I wanted to get a bit of exercise I took the train to Gräfentonna and walked the rest of the way. Funny side note: you can't actually buy a ticket to Gräfentonna from the ticket machine. I tried and you simply can't select it. I even asked the people at the info point about it and we ended up grouping around the ticket machine because they didn't believe me. Turns out I was right, had to buy the ticket at the counter. Good thing I was a couple of minutes early ...

I noticed that the GC25E5P geocache was pretty much on the way but when I got there the little stream had a bit more water than expected (compared to the photos) so I chickened out and rather than getting seriously wet feet looking for the cache I went on to find the hash.

Little did I know that the way to the hash was just as wet, when I got there everything up to my knees was soaking wet from the grass I waded through. I found some tractor tracks in the field that brought me to within about 10 meters of the hash without really stepping on the field, nice. Shot the stupid grin, scared a deer (too quick to get pictures though), took some screenshots and headed back home.

I actually came by the cache-site once more and got close to changing my mind. But between taking the train back an hour later to look for the cache (and probably failing anyway) and being home an hour earlier, the latter option won.

On the way back I changed trains at Kühnhausen at the beginning of dusk, interesting feeling being on your own at a train station in the middle of nowhere. That's geohashing for you.

The tracklog is about 5.1km long, in addition I also walked from work to the train station and back home so that's another 20 and 30 minutes of walking respectively. Enough exercise for me :o)


See here.



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