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A hollow way, dividing two fields near the village Webau, between Weissenfels and Hohenmölsen.

From here You can see the coal power plant IKW Wählitz, some wind-mill power plants, the village Webau and a lot of agriculture.


Steingesicht made a brake on his journey at the highway.


I had to go on a journey from Stuttgart to Leipzig. The evening before I checked the graticules on my wa and found two geohashes near the highway, so I decided to make a brake at this places.

The weather was rainy and to cold for August and the journey was boring me. I already had to stop in Weissenfels at the CNG-Station. After that I went by car to Webau (about 10min from the highway A9) and parked the car there. Then walked about 1km to the hash and took some pictures. At the way back to my car I logged a nearby geocache.

The way to the hashpoint was not prohibited for cars, I could have made this a drive-through geohash.



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