2011-10-31 -38 146

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Mon 31 Oct 2011 in -38,146:
-38.5880741, 146.7569918
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In an extremely flat field just off the road east of Yarram.



As far as hashes go this one was one of the easiest. We'd just finished hacking our way through two consecutive hashes in the far-flung graticule of Omeo: 2011-10-29 -37 148 and 2011-10-30 -37 148, when we decided to take a circuitous route home via a couple more hashes that happened to be near the road that passed by my house in Inverloch, a small coastal town where I live while working on the desalination plant.

Arriving at the field of the hash we felt a bit dodgy about just bounding over the fence and walking over to it, so we politely asked the people in the house across the street if it was acceptable, it being the nearest house. At the door we were greeted by a painter and his teenage painter daughter who were working on the house together. The father told us that it was no worries to go jumping the electric fence to get to that random point inside that guy's paddock, "Just don't go sleeping with this here beautiful young daughter of mine!" (No, he didn't actually say that).

Jumping the fence Talex and Stevage danced their way to the hash, which was sitting right in the middle of the unbelievably flat field sitting beneath the Strezelecki Ranges.

We were soon back in the car and heading towards the next hash - Inverloch.



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