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Mon 2 Jan 2012 in 53,-1:
53.6283017, -1.8654298

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On the edge of Radcliff Road, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. The precise point may have been just in the garden, on the hill below the wall, but with some slight disagreement between the various online-map locators I thought the wall above would be good enough for my purposes.




Departing from an extended New Years stay at relatives, it was a simple matter to wander this way.


Very little to tell. The mill-biased architecture of the surroundings was very much in evidence, around the valleys above and into Huddersfield, and photos of these would have been interesting to myself, save that at 4PM it was starting to darken. Maybe next time I'm brought into this particular area I shall have better light conditions.

I navigated the hillsides by car, and as I approached the spot I saw a line of parked cars. Adding my own to their number, I was almost exactly by the exact spot of the road-side wall that I had intended to navigate to.

Then I spent about quarter of an hour setting up various shots from the camera, set up in the end of the driveway of the house opposite, starting the timer and rushing across the road to appear in them. Long ago I had realised that I should angle my alarm-clock slightly downwards, to avoid sky-bright reflections obscuring the digits. In the gathering dusk, I actually found that I needed to aim it upwards, so that there was any light illuminating the display. What's the temperature it displays? 7 degrees C. Yes, it was a bit cool. I like it cool, but perhaps a couple of degrees warmer is my ideal, for the moments I'm just crouching there. Although the rushing back and forth across the road (one time, delayed by the passing of a grit-spreading lorry, heralding and even cooler night) kept me happy!

Night fell as I travelled back home, cross-country via Holmfirth. Had meant to stop at a chip shop that I had discovered on my last visit to the place, but completely forgot. Darn. Maybe next time I'm passing through.


No Batteries (i.e. no GPS)



TBD. (Land+No Batteries?)