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All locations: .2001308, .3999547
Globalhash: -53.976463911054, -36.016301194967 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Jacksonville, Florida Geoff, Erica, Pope Flactem I Geoff * Erica * Pope Flactem I I had my eye on geohashing for a few days,...
Fort Worth, Texas Ranidan In a field just outside Rio Vista.
Los Angeles, California s0meb0dy Down an Alley
Paducah, Kentucky User:Team Tismon, User:GEO.JOE, User:Fairy Flirt This was in the north-east corner of the Land Between the Lakes surrounded ...
Boston, Massachusetts Someone went Between Fiske Street and Central Street, in Holliston, MA, in a field
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Mampfred, LadyBB, EmmJay, Rincewind, Yakamoz, QuarterCacher, M Woods in the Taunus.
Carlisle, United Kingdom Someone went A little wooded area somewhere North of Chapel-le-Dale
Edinburgh, United Kingdom Alexturgid, Matingslinkys, his girlfriend, Kerry. North of Lockerbie, in a field adjacent to the railway line.

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