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On a field next to "Stausee Hohenfelden" (accumulation lake).


Rincewind and Yakamoz


Visit the hash and then go to nearby "Event swimming centre" Avenida Therme.


I've been to Avenida Therme a couple of times, so we went to the parking lot there and then walked over to the path surrounding the lake in the sun. Some 300m on, it was off into the field for some 130m.

Whatever that was on the field(some fodder plant, I reckon) had some space between individual plants that made it possible, if not easy, to reach the hash point without destroying the entire field.

Since destroying part of the field was not my plan either, we split up so only one person (who's this team's fool, eh?) would have to go through the field, funnily enough, that turned out to be me. Since the space between the plants wasn't predictable and the plants were 20-30cm high, I walked through the field in the manner of a drunken stork, raising some curiosity with other strollers, but eventually they all seemed to come to the conclusion that while I must obviously be a fool, I was harmless and not harming the field, either.

The dreaded hash dance mentally haunted me for the last 50m and then I virtually did not need it- one attempt at it, then I had a 0m screenshot. Yay!

I think these 130m took easily ten minutes.

For the way back, I took a tractor track 15m back and then walked a diagonal way out of the field on it, which was 200 meters longer, but certainly easier.

I think I did not, or really minimally, damage the crop so I think that was acceptable and reasonable.

We then crashed Mampfred's Smartphone by sending him a MMS with the Hash Grin photo(TM), me hoping that he would write half the report himself. So much for modern mobile technology. Had a nice swim (they've got water slides!) in mentioned pool and realized that the entry fee isn't worth it if you don't want to use the spa/sauna area.

It certainly was a nice geohashing trip, and finding the hash was very easy.



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