2012-05-04 34 -112

From Geohashing
Fri 4 May 2012 in 34,-112:
34.6134706, -112.2861907

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Slightly south of E Lakeshore Dr. on the east side of the Prescott Valley housing development.


JesseW, one drag-along (pictured), and two other passengers (not pictured).


This was the third of three hashes I attempted on the same day. (Here are the first and second ones.) I was amazed to find that even after leaving the mostly running-straight-east 10 Freeway, there was yet another hash quite close to our planned route, between Prescott and Jerome.


After over 6 hours on the road, we were in a bit of a hurry to get to our final destination (hoepfully in time to make the free outdoor concert that started off our whole weekend of contra dancing...), but I convinced the driver that the detour would be very small (which it was), and so we drove down Lakeshore Dr, while I tried to juggle our multiple navigation devices and figure out exactly where we were trying to get to.

We stopped at the intersection of Lakeshore Dr. and N Badger Rd, which we realized was past the hashpoint, and started back along the road on foot. We mistakenly thought the hashpoint was north, rather than south of Lakeshore Dr., and so decided to stop at the gate pictured below to take some shots and document how close we got (34.614749, -112.287837). Then we got back on the road -- and made it to the concert in plenty of time.



JesseW earned the Multiple Failures achievement
by getting close, but not reaching, multiple geohashes in the same day, including the (34, -112) geohash on 2012-05-04.
2012-05-04 34 -112 1 Silly grin.jpg