2012-05-04 33 -115

From Geohashing
Fri 4 May 2012 in 33,-115:
33.6134706, -115.2861907

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Just off the 10 Freeway, near Joshua Tree National Park.


JesseW (along with the other three people in the car (not pictured))


On May 4th, I had an already planned trip out to Arizona (from Los Angeles). When I checked the coordinates that morning, I found that I was going to pass really close to three hashes. This was the first one. (Here are the write-ups for the second and third.)


According to our in-car navigation system, we were supposed to get off the freeway on Chuckwalla Valley Rd., then turn on Corn Springs Rd. Soon after we turned off onto Corn Springs Rd. (which turned out to be dirt), in the middle of the desert, we found that the road was blocked by construction! Apparently they were building something for the Gas Company. At this point (33.673255, -115.236480), we decided to give up, and go on to the next one.



JesseW earned the Multiple Failures achievement
by getting close, but not reaching, multiple geohashes in the same day, including the (33, -115) geohash on 2012-05-04.
2012-05-04 33 -115 3 Only to be stopped by construction.jpg