2012-06-10 52 5

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Sun 10 Jun 2012 in 52,5:
52.0537277, 5.7302875

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On the edge of a field and a forest near Ede




Eupeodes already had the appointment to help some rowers by driving a car for them from Wageningen to Zutphen (the rowers will travel this by rowingboat). Based on the weather prediction Eupeodes decided it looks like a good idea to take the bike back (the bike can easily be transported on the trailer from Wageningen to Zutphen).


At seven Eupeodes got out of bed, got his stuff and went to the rowing association. There his bike was put in the trailer and he drove behind the car with trailer in the other car to Zutphen. Here the bike was unloaded and he took of. Eupeodes made a track with the cycle planner which he attempted to follow on the gps. At one point he noticed a sharp bend on the gps, but the road went straight and there did not appear to be a sideroad. On the spot a small gap in the bushes appeared and there was a cyclepath. It turned out to be very nice. Later on Eupeodes failed at looking at the gps and took a turn where he shouldn't have, so in an attempt to get back to his track he sort of guessed how to go and ended up on a ATB-track, luckily the recumbent bike of Eupeodes is sort of built for this kind of terrain.

A few kilometers before Eupeodes was at the hash his gps started to show signs of an almost empty battery, since Eupeodes forgot his spare batteries he was afraid his mission would fail within sight of the hashpoint, but luckily the batteries held on. The last hundred meters to the hash were on a track of which it was not really clear whether it was allowed to come there or not (big fence with barbwire, but opened for a long time judging on the plants on it). On the track Eupeodes was attacked by loads of ticks. He noticed at least twenty of them on his legs, and removed them all of course. Eventually Eupeodes managed to reach the hashpoint and take some pictures. His original plan was to also have a picnic at the hashpoint but because of the many ticks he decided to leave the point as soon as possible and eat his lunch a short distance away.

When he got home he first took a shower and checked his body thoroughly for more ticks; he didn't find any any more. So it appears that Eupeodes managed to escape a tick attack without getting bitten. That is quite an achievement, so Eupeodes gets the tickfighter achievement for it. And of course a picnic achievement since he had lunch as close as safely possible to the hash. He cycled 61,57 km, but also drove a car for 58,1 km so this one is not a true bicycle hash but Eupeodes does count the cycle kilometers to his total and counts this trip as the longest one he has.



Eupeodes earned the Picnic achievement
by eating some sandwiches at the (52, 5) geohash on 2012-06-10.
2012-06-10 52 5 picknick.jpg
Eupeodes earned the Tickfighter achievement
by being attacked by dozens of ticks at the hashpoint but escaping without getting bitten (52, 5) geohash on 2012-06-10.
2012-06-10 52 5 One of the many ticks.jpg