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A field in Greetland


The Expedition

Day 3 of my 3 in a row attempt.

Jason is back with me, and today's location was quite close to my house so we thought it would be pretty easy. We headed up to Greetand to find the road than ran up toward the geohash, this 'road' turned out to be a dirt track. Bearing in mind we did this at 9pm and the track was only wide enough for one vehicle and no real passing places or turning space I wasn't too impressed as nominated driver. We drove over 600 metres to a dead end, apparently Jason knew it was a dead end he was leading me to, he just didn't bother to tell me. The rest of the way we did on foot, just over 100 metres of muddy field and cow pats, but luckily, no cows. Due to Jason's dodgy GPS we managed to screenshot within 2 metres (still with a bit of side stepping) and set off back to the car. This then resulted in 500 metres reversing down a single dirt track in the dark, it was VERY slow going, but we got out fine.

Tomorrow's geohash is too far for us, so looks like my 3 in a row attempt was a failure (due to 2nd location not reached) and my consecutive geohashing acheivement will have to wait



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