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Tue 19 Feb 2013 in 51,-0:
51.4429599, -0.4515522

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Part-way along Clockhouse lane, Ashford, in Middlesex; in the verge by the roadside.

This is a busy road that runs between the Bedfont Lakes water park - this being England in February and the park is shut down. The road is ill-lit with poor pavement (sidewalk) that just ends before a nasty humpbacked bridge.

The Geohashing point was on the narrow strip of land at the far-side of the road.


KennethCC First Geohash attempt
Dnfrd First Geohash attempt


At least two of us (new users both) are intending to hit this spot, independently, after our work day ends.


The trip - Kenneth.

This was my first geohashing expedition and as I don't have a car I have been waiting for a location near(ish) to either my place of work, or home.

I've arranged with Dnfrd, a work colleague, that we would both both go separately. I took the bus from my place of work (Brentford) to the nearby town of Hounslow where I changed to a different bus and then hopped off that when it reached the nearest point. A couple of miles later and my phone apps showed I was across the road from the location. The GPS on the phone had me at the location when I stood in the carcass of a dead fox. I decided to take a couple of steps to the left and put the marker on an ash tree and leave the fox to its rest.

The trip - Dnfrd.

This would have been my first geohashing expedition however it did not go as planned. The location was right on my drive home from work so I obviously planned to just stop and log my arrival on my way home. Only problem is my memory, whilst leaving work I completely forgot about this, drove past the location without a second thought and only remembered it the morning after. So I'm still waiting for my successful geohashing expedition!




Kenneth earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, -0) geohash on 2013-02-19.
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Kenneth earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, -0) geohash on 2013-02-19 via 98, then 203, then 216.
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