2013-03-10 -38 143

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Sun 10 Mar 2013 in -38,143:
-38.0379557, 143.8232070

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In a paddock near Winchelsea



I had my sister's house warming party in Rowville on Saturday night So Cam, Ed and I set off on a bike ride in that general direction of Rowville in the thirty odd degree heat with the plan of Cam and Ed splitting off at some point and me going to my sisters. Due to a range of mechanical failures Ed only made it to Mont Albert and Cam and I split up near Ringwood. I got my bike temporarily fixed and rode it to my friends bike shop at Knox for it's fourth set of repairs for the day, the bike then made it to my sister's house just fine without even complaining about the half slab occy strapped to the rack.

The next day at about 12:30pm when it was already above thirty I decided I should go deflower Colac, it was about equidistant (in terms of km on bike)to do so riding through Melbourne and out to the west or riding down to Sorrento and catching the ferry across to Queenscliffe and riding from there. I like boats and prefer country riding to city so I headed toward Frankston. I was slighly tired, mildly hungover and on a heavier bike than i usually take geohashing but even with all that taken into account i felt like i was riding really slowly, I looked at my tyres and checked breaks, they were all clear so I powered on. Eventually i realised it was getting ridiculous, I was in bottom gear riding down hill and struggling. I stopped and lifted the bike and span the rear wheel and as soon as i stopped moving it it stopped instead of spinning freely as a wheel should. I was halfway between Frankston and Dandenong, it was 33 degrees so at this was the point I gave up on geohashing and just wanted to go home so i started riding towards the station, this attempt lasted a few hundred metres before the wheel seized up completely. I was now out of water and had to carry my bike 10km. After being passed by a few cars I stuck my thumb up for I tried to get on a bus but inspight of being almost empty and me explaining my bike was broken i wasn't allowed on. I crossed the road as the bus was coming in the other direction but I was once again refused entry but luckily next to it was a couple name Chick and Pam who gave me a lift to the station on the condition that I wouldn't stab them.


lachlan earned the Train wreck consolation prize
by failing to reach the (-38, 143) geohash on 2013-03-10 due to having half a dozen bike failures in one trip with a seized up wheel finally ending it all..