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This user earned the Train wreck consolation prize
by failing to reach the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] because of a general transportation failure.

You fail to reach the meet because your car broke down, you missed your bus, your train was late, your plane was hijacked, your horse went lame, or other transportation failure occurred.

In cases where the mode of transport is human-powered and it is a human who becomes sick, injured, or catatonic, claim the Trail of Blood consolation prize instead.


Honorable mention

  • Ekorren couldn't continue by bike because of a torn tyre but chose to take public transport instead and visit the hash anyway on 2009-02-13.
  • Mapaholic and Vicky couldn't get to the 2012-08-05 hashpoint at 4pm, because Vicky's car wouldn't start. They got there at 5.25pm.
  • Nija and Anniepoo discovered Nija's car had been hit when they started out for 2012-08-08 but continued bravely on to the hash point.
  • OtherJack's rear derailleur sheared in two on the way to 2013-02-24 47 -122, but very luckily this happened about 500m from a good bike shop, and so he ended up making it.
  • Michael5000's pickup truck suffered a career-ending mechanical breakdown on the way to 2023-05-01 45 -119, but he rented a moving van to get home and made it to the hashpoint after all.