2013-08-07 51 23

From Geohashing
Wed 7 Aug 2013 in Chełm, Poland:
51.1149719, 23.3799711

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It's been a year (and two days) since my last expedition, so I guess it was a high time to do another one! A hot, or rather HOT summer day, geopoint only 10 km from home, perfect opportunity. According to google maps, the point was supposed to be near some very interesting swamp road, that I do every year or so and each time I promise myself never to do it again :). So why not, let's take adventurous route trough the swamps! Guess what? That was not the best idea ever, I hereby promise myself never to go there again :). Also, pro-tip: do not, I repeat DO NOT go on a cross-swamp adventure in shorts and sandals. Unless you want to have a bad time (mosuitos and higher than me nettles, auch). The road was barely there, I had to hack my own way trough the bushes and even though it wasn't raining for a long time already, the road was still kind of... swampy (I know, strange thing to find in the swamps, huh). Finally, I hacked my way to the freedom of open fields, found a geopoint (luckily not in the middle of murky water, but in the almost-regular-looking field) and slowly but steady returned home, taking the "normal" village road. I had a great time :).