2014-01-19 43 -121

From Geohashing
Sun 19 Jan 2014 in 43,-121:
43.4606060, -121.2545269
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In southern Deschutes National Forest, near Hole-In-The-Ground.



We wanted to get out of the house but had no specific travel plans. We decided to try for this hash and in the event that weather thwarted us go to Fort Rock State Park instead.


The drive down US Numbered Highway 97 onto State Highway 31 was gorgeous. We stopped at an informational kiosk on the way into what signs called "Oregon's Outback" that told us about Fort Rock, Hole-in-the-Ground, and other nearby landmarks.

The drive to the hashpoint was pretty easy, once we figured out where to go. Some signs were posted marking restricted access. However, on closer inspection these signs explained that not all of the roads were closed to vehicle traffic over the winter, just most of them. Luckily, the hashpoint was along one of these open roads, even though it was not the straightest shot to the point. We went up forest road 2424, which was surprisingly easy to drive on for being a 4-digit NF road (although there were some large potholes).

The hashpoint itself was easy to get to; it was about a kilometer walk from where we had to park, and we were able to walk along roads for most of the time. It was flat and vegetation was not so dense that it was difficult to traverse. Daisy had a fun time and we saw a lot of non-human non-dog animal tracks, notably a deer and a rabbit.

After reaching the hashpoint we headed over to Fort Rock. It was rather awe-inspiring so we took a lot of pictures of it. It was getting too late to hike to the top of the rock but we agreed that it would be fun to visit at a later date.