2014-03-26 45 -122

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Wed 26 Mar 2014 in 45,-122:
45.4960466, -122.7664705

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In a driveway of a private home on SE 87th Avenue, near Canyon Road, in SW Portland.



Expedition 5000

This hashpoint was just off a reasonable alternative of my regular Wednesday commute, and so was a bit of a no-brainer. I parked down the block on the way home from work, and walked around the area for a bit, taking a few pictures.

I am claiming this as a successful expedition under what I consider a common-sense rule: if the hashpoint falls on someone's house or yard in a residential neighborhood, then I am "there" if I can see the hashpoint location from a street, sidewalk, or alley. Posterity and the wiki system may decide otherwise.

As I was heading back to the truck, I encountered every urban geohasher's worst nightmare: an aggressive, charging, off-leash dog. Fortunately, it was only about the size of a large burrito.

Expedition zero

Zero pretty much summed up this expedition. Jim thought he had printed out a Google map before heading for home. Upon sitting down on the train, he went to program the GPS, and discovered a) it had been left at work, and b) the new Google maps produces completely useless printouts.

But at least I had directions - they weren't useless.

So, sans GPS, which is a first for me, I drove to the hashpoint, remembering it was close to the road. I made it to 87th and looked for a familiar driveway, but it was dark and nothing looked right.

I'll have to come back later with the GPS and see exactly if I was close enough.

On Thursday I had my GPS and was coming through the area, so I looked for the hashpoint and found that I was too far away, so I'd say not reached. Though I think if I had walked up the driveway to go to the front door to ask permission, I would have passed close enough.



  • No Trespassing
  • Blinded by science?

None, really.