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The Portland graticule is at 45 N, 122 W. It completely encloses the city of Portland and some surrounding areas. The graticule is almost entirely land, much of it open and undeveloped, making this one of the best areas for geohashing.

View of the west hills of Portland, Oregon

Recent Expeditions

The ten most recent expeditions are captured automatically by User:AperfectBot and shown here. A full list of Expeditions can be found at Portland, Oregon/Expeditions. Manual lists from before the bot are available on the archives page.

Expeditions in the nearby McMinnville, Oregon graticule can be found on its own page.


Arrow2.png Michael5000, Mrs.5000 — On the grounds of the Cascade Heights Charter School. — Succeeded


Arrow4.png Michael5000 — In the Twin Creeks development west of Aloha. — Thwarted — No public access


Arrow2.png Michael5000 — On the playing fields of Peninsula Elementary School. — Succeeded


Arrow2.png Mrs.5000 — The sidewalk of Stark Street, on Mt. Tabor. — Succeeded


Arrow2.png Michael5000, Mrs.5000 — In the hotel at McMenamin's Edgefield, outside of Troutdale. — Succeeded


Arrow2.png Michael5000, Madeleine — At the end of Murdock Street, in what I think of as the Canterbury area of ... — Succeeded


Arrow2.png Frogman, Michael5000, Mrs.5000 — On a residential street by a field in northeast Gresham. — Succeeded


Arrow4.png deh fastanimals com — located on a field on Sauvie Island. — Thwarted — No public access


Arrow2.png Michael5000, Mrs.5000 — At the intersection of Parrett Mountain Road and Ladd Hill Road, south of S... — Succeeded


Arrow2.png Jim, Michael5000 — In front of a house in Beaverton, a few blocks from the NIKE headquarters. — Succeeded

Retro Expeditions

Mailing List

Please subscribe to the mailing list for Portland Geohashing. It can be used to alert participants of interesting or accessible geohash locations who may otherwise not frequent the wiki page or be actively monitoring these on their own.

Meetup time

It was proposed, and no objections were raised, so the official meetup time for our graticule(s) is now 2PM from Oct 1 to March 15, and 4PM for the rest of the year. I'd say this applies to neighboring graticules as well.

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