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Portland Saturdays


My trusty sidekick Drache (he'll kill me for calling him that) and I can often be found doing geeky things around Portland. I can't go to every Saturday meet up but I do plan to go regularly. I'll always post here the day before if I'm going to show up. Also, I take lots of pictures. If you want to see photos from any of my excursions to meet-ups feel free to check my flickr flickr page.

I just finished putting my house on the market yesterday (I'm writing this on June 17th 08) That means my 3 week absence from any meet ups will hopefully be over soon.

For reference, if you're going to a meetup that drache and I might be at, you can find us several ways:

1) we have 4 vehicles between us, a black 90s Jetta, a silver Impreza hatch-back, a yellow Honda crotch-rocket and a white/orange triumph bonneville. If you see one of those vehicles near the graticule, check and see if we left a note.

2) Family band radio. These are easy to come by. Most family band radios have at least 13 channels and then several additional subchannels. Because not all brands use the same subchannels we will always be on channel 13 and no subchannel. Sometimes you might have to set your radio to subchannel 0 or 1 if there isn't an option for none.

3) CB radio. On the way to the graticule Drache and I will be monitoring CB channel 36. We have pretty good radios so if you're within a few miles on the freeway we should hear you.

4) HAM radio. Drache is a ham operator. If you have a radio then you can find us on 146.520mhz, Callsign KC7KWX.

5) #geohashing. At present neither of us have wireless connectivity but I'm in that channel most of the time.

Happy hunting!

Hotspots I've Scouted

2008-02-19 45 -122

2008-02-24 45 -122

2008-05-24 45 -122