2014-09-18 56 -5

From Geohashing
Thu 18 Sep 2014 in 56,-5:
56.6726037, -5.3723531

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On a meadow or, more probably, swampland near the western shore of Loch Linnhe, Scottish Highlands.


  • Juja and her favorite Ninja


I am on vacation together with my favorite Ninja, and we're in Scotland for the very interesting time of the IndieRef which happens today. So wouldn't it have been nice to draw a bit of additional attention to Scotland by a successful Geohash? Sadly, it was not to happen.

The Ninja drove the car to the point (which included going by ferry, and it would have been a perfect bike tour if we'd had bikes) and near the point, at about 800 meters distance, we started walking. There wasn't a way, only swamplands, and the most annoying thing was that those swamplands were fenced on a wide area. We could have passed the fence by going through the river under a bridge right at the start, but I had a feeling that's not quite what the No Trespassing thing is about.

So we stumbled through the swamp following the endless fence, passing the Lochan (tiny lake) near the point and crossing another small creek and finally I got 60 meters near the Geohash before the fence finally prevented any further exploring. So we just stumbled back and left our congratulations for the numerous ticks that must have seen the point at that day (at least three of them accompanied us to the car).

Juja and the Ninja earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (56, -5) geohash on 2014-09-18.


Going by ferry...  
...and starting to walk.  
The lake near the Geohash.  
View to the Geohash point...  
at 60 meters distance...  
behind endless fences.  
At least I found a place to swim.