2014-10-19 42 -78

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Sun 19 Oct 2014 in 42,-78:
42.0758215, -78.4060778

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Olean, NY next to train tracks



It was a great day. After going to the movies with my wife, I headed out with the dogs for an adventure. On the way to the hash, we stopped at McCarty Hill State Forest, right on Rt 219 just past Ellicottville, for some hiking. We walked up the steep hill on a logging trail(and kicked up a grouse) and then we came across a Mountain Bike trail. We followed that for a while and ended up finding a whole network of trails maintained by the Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association. We hiked around for about an hour and a half and on the way back to the car, I got to see a White-tail Deer down a small ravine but too far away for a decent picture.

We were then on our way to Olean and the hash around 17:30 and arrived on Seneca St by the hash right around 18:00. There was an Auto shop right there and I parked next to a few cars that were pretty crunched up from accidents but just 150 Feet(50 Meters) away from the hash. Leaving the dogs in the car, I crossed the tracks and went down the small embankment of the tracks to the hash. It was a good thing the hash wasn't slightly further away because there was a bit of a swampy area right in front of me that followed the tracks. It was pretty overgrown too. Getting my pictures, I went back to the car and headed home to home-made soup for dinner.



Missed out on a GeoSquishy when I passed a 7-11 on the way home that I didn't notice going to the hash as I was looking for my turns through town. Was about 2.5KM away too.

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