2015-03-06 51 12

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Fri 6 Mar 2015 in Leipzig:
51.3898193, 12.3341552
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Today's location is on a small track in Lindenthal, a suburb of Leipzig.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Leipzig city district




When I looked up the coordinates, I saw that this hashpoint would be in Leipzig, so it might be a good opportunity to get the 51 12 graticule for the Saxony regiohash. Then, when I took a look at the area, I noticed the name Breitenfeld next to one of the small settlements. Breitenfeld? That Breitenfeld? Yes, that Breitenfeld. By then I knew that I had to visit this hashpoint. The schedule was no problem, as I had the day off as compensation for working the weekend.

In the morning I took the bike to the Dresden-Neustadt train station and boarded the 10:21 train to Leipzig. There I changed into the S3 suburban train which brought me to Leipzig-Wahren where I arrived at 12:15. At first I left the station on the wrong side, but soon I was walking towards Lindenthal. The route was easy, a right turn here, a left turn there and already I was near the hashpoint. The spot was in the middle of a small track running through a residential area, a nice change from all those muddy fields, dirty forests and similar spots.

After taking pictures I continued on my journey, walking through Lindenthal and then along Gustav Adolf-Allee to Breitenfeld. The former village, now suburb was very small and soon I was leaving it again, for the last meters to the Gustav Adolf monument. Next to it was a board telling about the (first) Battle of Breitenfeld in 1631, where the protestant side under Gustav Adolf of Sweden defeated the Catholic League, with the battle having an impact until today. From the monument my plan was to walk to the Leipzig-Messe train station. But as I only had less than 30 minutes to the next train for a distance of more than 3 km and knowing from the bus schedule in Breitenfeld that there would be a bus back to the Wahren station within a few minutes, I decided on the latter. The bus went indeed to the Wahren station, but I missed the stop and had to walk back from the next stop. During those 5 minutes the suburban train arrived and departed so that I had to wait 29 minutes for the next one. My phone rang and I made two mistakes: First, I answered it even though it was a number from work. Second, when my boss asked me if I had time to fill in the late shift for a sick colleague I answered truthfully with "yes, but I will not be on time". So, instead of passing the afternoon in Leipzig I only spent a few minutes, taking the next train back to Dresden. From the train station I cycled to work, arriving about two hours late as announced. It became a laborious evening.

Leipzig-Wahren train station sign  
Leipzig-Lindenthal, not far now  
almost there...  
from the other side...  
coordinates reached  
the hashpoint  
Scott at the spot  
"Freedom of belief for the (whole) world /"  
"saved at Breitenfeld / Gustav Adolf, christian and hero"  
board about the battle