2015-07-27 49 8

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Mon 27 Jul 2015 in 49,8:
49.8278308, 8.9195462
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The hashpoint is located on a field in Otzberg-Zipfen.



tads considers going to the hashpoint by train and bike on Monday afternoon. He might additionally visit Otzberg Castle which is close by.


I first cycled to Darmstadt-Lichtwiese station, where I got on the train to Otzberg-Lengfeld. From there it was a quick ride to Otzberg-Zipfen. There it started to rain a bit. In Zipfen I first took the wrong road out of town which brought me further from the hash, so I had to go back. A smaller path then lead me towards fields. The rain had stopped by now.

I got off my bike and tried to find a way to the hashpoint. The hashpoint was located a few meters inside a field of sweet beets(?). I tried to be as careful as possible and not to step on any plants. At the spot I took photos and the GPS proof and then quickly (while still careful) went out of the field again.

Next, I continued my way to Veste Otzberg which was nicely visible on the close-by hill already. The ascend up the Hill to Otzberg-Hering was quite steep! At the castle I had a rest and enjoyed the stunning view on the surrounding area.

The way back went along plenty of fields, a scenery that I liked very much. The track went through Nieder-Klingen and Ueberau to Reinheim. From there I took the train back to Darmstadt.


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