2015-08-13 42 -78

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Thu 13 Aug 2015 in 42,-78:
42.7630438, -78.8320610

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Next to the benches of a soccer field of the Frontier Central high school



After work I had to take the dogs out for a run at the park and then had a quick dinner when I got back. I still had enough light to take my bike to today's hash and after studying the map, I decided to wing it by attempting a Tron.

The hash was not quite 4 miles away but the first turn by the school came up sooner than I expected and had to scramble across 2 lanes of traffic. Being careful of the driveways, I took the right one into the school lot and found the path leading into the back fields where the hash was. Funny thing, I initially marked it as next to an (American) football field as it looked like the grass was marked with 10 yard lines in the satellite pictures but when I got there I found a field which the rest of the world calls football. I cut across the field to the benches and being careful not to pass the hash, I got my pictures.

Finding my way to the back lot of a senior housing building, I was Tron-safely on my way home. I was careful on the busier roads, and found the side street I was looking for to take me the rest of the way. Two blocks from home I thought I almost ruined the Tron becaue earlier in the day, they were working at the end of the street before the intersection and it was blocked off. I was a little distracted too because a F... um... A... um... Stupid-head yelled at me to get on the sidewalk.

Going around, I saw I could have gotten through as they opened up one lane while they weren't working. Aside from the idiot, I had an otherwise enjoyable expedition.



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