2015-08-16 -38 143

From Geohashing
Sun 16 Aug 2015 in -38,143:
-38.4949137, 143.9682920

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In the bushland near lorne. No tracks. Almost 1km as the crow flies from the road.


Benjamin Kaiser

Samuel Kaiser

Quade Kaiser



Decided in the early afternoon I would attempt this. My younger brother and my cousin were both keen, so we ventured out and arrived near the hash at roughly 3pm. We parked the car on the side of the road and descended down the side of the hill. We had torches, food, water, and a backup phone in case of emergency. Turns out the trek was very difficult and I was feeling very nervous well before we had even made it down to the creek.

Both my cousin and brother were both in high spirits (my cousin Quade was the fastest out of all of us!). We decided we would call an end to the trip at the creek, took some photos, had a snack, then headed back up the hillside (~300m as the crow flies).