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Thu 22 Oct 2015 in 52,9:
52.2264413, 9.9058017

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A waste acre between Sarstedt and Klein Förste


GlobeCacher.de & cachedog Luna


After having watched the meetup coordinates for my graticule(s) for a few weeks, I finally found a location that could easily be reached and is only a mile away from my home coords. So I grabbed my dog Luna (who always loves to accompany me during my geocaching trips) and took a walk to the location. Arriving at the spot, I happily noticed that the acre had already been harvested (the farmer wouldn't have been glad about a geohasher walking through his corn field ...), so I could approach the final destination while cross-checking between Garmin and smartphone. Now I've made my first expedition and am happy to announce it, although the spot was very unimpressive (you could also call it boring).