2015-12-28 -37 147

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Geohash 2015-12-28 -37 147 03 Group.JPG
Mon 28 Dec 2015 in -37,147:
-37.0158495, 147.2259183
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Off a walking track near Dinner Plain, adjacent to Mount Hotham, in the Victorian Alps.


Expedition - Felix Dance

The five of us mentioned above had been on a multi-day cycle tour back and forth over the Victorian Alps. On the morning of the second day, waking up from our respective slumbers in the Harrietville Pub backyard, I discovered much to my excitement that the day's geohash was only 620m off our intended route as we were to go past the alpine village of Dinner Plain. This could not be a coincidence and can only be attributed to my recently renewed devotion to the Geohashing Gods and thus they shone favour on the day's location.

Heading off up the hill towards Mount Hotham - a vertical kilometre or so of climbing in the hot summer sun - I slowly worked my charms on the others to convince them to join me. By the turn-off at Dinner Plain, after a hearty meal, a strong beer and the beginning of our decent, all reservations had been overcome. [Steve's note: actually there were a couple of hold-outs convinced only by the promise to turn around in 30 minutes, come what may.]

The five of us made bike-progress up the Timber Hill Track walking path towards the hash, but were forced to abandon our vehicles as the stepth increased. Proceeding on foot we soon left the path to descend a steep, rocky escarpment, with the metres ticking down like the altimeter of a depth charge. We had promised ourselves to turn back at 30 minutes, and when we reached the hash we hadn't a minute to spare.

One of the more grand of the geohashing views I've been to, we took some photos, clambered around the awkward grade of the hash-field and then ascended, bullants, snakes and broken ankles be damned. Soon we were reunited with our bikes and proceeded on with our mission. This would later include the further hash of 2015-12-31 -36 146.

Here is the route of our trip.



Felix Dance, Stevage, Lachie, Matt and Rhonda earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 85 kms to and from the (-37, 147) geohash on 2015-12-28.
Geohash 2015-12-28 -37 147 03 Group.JPG