2016-01-01 49 8

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Tree at the Hashpoint
Fri 1 Jan 2016 in 49,8:
49.7836848, 8.6439332

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In a wood near Seeheim



Q-Owl and Q-Owla

Drive near the hashpoint (about 12:30) , find it, walk back to the car, find some caches and drive home.

Yakamoz and Rincewind

We don't want to miss the first geohash in 2016 which is very close to us. Drive near the hashpoint (about 14:00), walk there, drive back home and have a New Year's lunch.

Cuxi and tads

Drive near the hashpoint (about 16:30), find it, find some geocache and drive home.


Q-Owl and Q-Owla

We reached the hashpoint about 12:45, found it, marked the tree next to the hp, went back to the car and found two caches today: GC603CT "Mystery Cache, I'm gone" (distance 900 m) and GC34TMY "Paradies der Libellen" (paradise of the dragonflies).

Yakamoz and Rincewind

We parked next to allotment gardens and walked into the forest. The geohash has been located on a forest track. We did our geohash dance and took some photos. Unfortunately, we didn't see Q-Owl's marker. On our way back we a pony behind a fence accompanied us. It was a very easy and close geohash for us!

We wish all geohashers a happy and great new year with many successful geohashes! We hope to meet you at next geohash points. In particular, we hope to geohash together with Mampfred, EmmJay and LadyBB again this year ;-)

Cuxi and tads

Happy new year everybody! We went to the hashpoint at 16:30, but did not recognize any marks at the location as it began to dawn already. We thus put a wooden X on the ground next to the trail. On the pictures that we took, we now have found the "xkcd" mark by Q-Owl and Q-Owla. Additionally we discovered GC3ACCJ "Waldschrats Geheimnis" (distance 370m).




Q-Owl and Q-Owla

Yakamoz and Rincewind

Cuxi and tads


Q-Owl, Q-Owla, Yakamoz, Rincewind, tads and Cuxi earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2016-01-01.
Avoid achievement.png
Q-Owl, Q-Owla, Yakamoz, Rincewind, tads and Cuxi earned the Avoid Each Other Achievement
by launching three independent expeditions without meeting up at the (49, 8) geohash on 2016-01-01.