2016-02-03 53 10

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Wed 3 Feb 2016 in 53,10:
53.7877481, 10.5475366

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Some field between Groß Schenkenberg and Trenthorst.



I may stop by on my way to Hamburg.


I borrowed the car from a class mate to visit my girlfriend at my origin place (long distance realtionships suck). She had tickets for a concert in Hamburg that evening and I checked, if there is a chance to get a hashpoint on our way or in Hamburg. Luckily the point in this graticule was not so far from the A 1, so I decided to stop by and drag my girlfriend to the hashpoint.

We started a bit earlier than necessary and left the A 20 near Lubeck. At some point my girlfriend asked "Do I want to know where you are heading to?", so I explained about the hashpoint and my plans. "Oh ok. As long as you won't kill me and bury me in the woods..." Yes, I really love her and her humour. We followed the routing from my GPSr and the roads where getting narrower until it said we where on an unnamed road and then stopped in a dead end. So we reached the field.

The last 50 metre we went on foot. Surprisingly it just started to rain as soon we got out of the car, and the field was really muddy. We took our photo an went back to the car and cleaned our shoes. THen my girlfriend came up with the idea to "draw" with her muddy shoes on the road. This was a agood idea and so I left a temporary mud label on the road near the entrance of the field. May it survive the next rain.


ZettS earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging his girlfriend to the (53, 10) geohash on 2016-02-03.