2018-08-24 42 -78

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Fri 24 Aug 2018 in 42,-78:
42.6297445, -78.7880480

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Boston Forest County Park, in the woods by the parking lot



This was probably one of the easiest, yet most frustrating expedition I've been on. I got pretty excited when I checked the weekend coordinates in the morning and saw today's hash was in a park I like to take the dogs for a good hike. Boston Forest is close, has a long trail and no one really goes there.

Work got busy, traffic was bad on the way home and I fell into my normal routine after work: let the dogs out in the back yard, change out of work cloths and lounge on the couch for a bit before taking the dogs for a walk. I burned almost an hour of daylight until I was loading the dogs in the car to take them to the creek at Chestnut Ridge that I remembered we had an adventure to go on!

I was in a rush to change plans, running back into the house to change shoes and grab the gps, not really stopping to think what else I might need. I took a screenshot of the coords on the Geohashing app (I don't like to use data on my shared phone plan) and off we went.

Getting to the parking lot, I started walking down the trail as I entered in the coords into the gps, knowing I'd probably walk a little past the closest point on the trail to the hash, but didn't mind. However (and after other gross things I won't get into on here), as the gps was searching for satellites, Low Battery Alert...and it's dead. Guess this won't be a Hash Collision after all(There are about 6 within Honorable mention distance). Of course I don't have spare batteries, so I switch on the Data and use the phone/app. Cutting into the woods, there was a lot of back-tracking through wild rose thorns...should have just walked back on the trail, because I could almost see the parking lot from the hash. Oh, well. Closing in on the hash, I got a few pictures, and headed back to the trail. With enough daylight, we hiked the main loop around the park before heading home.



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