2018-12-30 43 3

From Geohashing
Sun 30 Dec 2018 in 43,3:
43.9933206, 3.3097163

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In a forest close to the road going north to Nant.



The hashpoint was very close to a road that we were planning to take anyway, and there was a very convenient place to stop right there. At first it seemed quite difficult to reach the hashpoint, despite it being only 150m from the place we stopped, as we had to climb a small cliff and there was a lot of thorny plants. But we managed to go to a place where the climbing was easier, and after a difficult beginning it was quite easy to continue. We took some pictures there, and then we went back a different way. It turned out there was a nice path on the other side, so we could have avoided the climbing and the thorny bushes.