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Sat 23 Mar 2019 in 51,10:
51.2213311, 10.1555120
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In a forest east of Grosstöpfer




Drive to Grosstöpfer and do a little hike to the geohash.


As planned, I drove to Grosstöpfer, which were some 25 kilometers / 30 minutes... I parked my car in the little town and walked all the way up to the hash from there. The first part of the tour followed the 'Eichsfeldwanderweg' - a great trail through the Eichsfeld in Thuringia. After some 15 minutes I came across a road, which I followed for another 400 meters, to get to the hash at about 70 meters close. From there, I had to crawl my way through some pretty wild forest, and somehow the longest hashdance ever had just started hehe... First, I climbed my way up some 25 meters too much to the east, so I had to get down again. But, having reached the hashpoint, it was 20 meters off again... So I climbed up a little bit again, went to the north, went to the south - carefully to not slip away... But after some 10 minutes of dancing around, I could finally spot the hash, which was actually a little hole (maybe used by foxes)! Proof was taken at once - before the coordinates would've jumped around again...

Satisfied I climbed my way back down to the road, and enjoyed some nice views on my way back to my car. After all, this was quite an easy one - under 2 kilometers in total, but also a physically demanding one - being on pretty steep terrain.