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Sat 18 May 2019 in 51,5:
51.9395597, 5.4087029

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A field just to the north of Tiel, Gelderland province.


FelixTheCat (talk)


Today's hash was on the edge of a field to the north of the city of Tiel. I went there by train, changing at Dordrecht and Geldermalsen. The train journey took a little under two hours and took me through beautiful green landscapes. At Tiel station I rented a bike and rode north to reach the hash field. The field didn't look like it was being used and was overgrown with long grass and weeds. Still, there was a red/white ribbon at the entrance, clearly showing that it belonged to someone and that person didn't want people to enter it at random. The hash was right at the edge of the field, so I had reckoned I would be able to reach it without trespassing, but as it turned out there was a drainage ditch. Worried that this would become yet another My Kingdom For A Boat I walked closer to the edge, and with a bit of dancing and stretching out as far as I dared, I managed to reach the point and even score zero distance! I took some pictures and then rode back to Tiel, where I visited the museum of local history which had a very interesting exhibit on the history of jam and juice, Tiel being the centre of the Dutch fruit industry.



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