2019-06-02 43 -86

From Geohashing
Sun 2 Jun 2019 in 43,-86:
43.1008752, -86.2458726

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North Ottawa Dunes County Park, Ferrysburg, MI



Beautiful day and nice opportunity to check out a relatively new park I had not visited before.

Some difficulty getting to the park entrance/trailhead, because the Google Maps description of the park trail connection to the street was out-of-date. Some consulting with the neighborhood locals led me to the little dead-end street section leading into the park.

The park is mostly in a dune forest, a set of sand dunes at the east edge of Lake Michigan that is covered with trees. The surface was so sandy that despite the heavy thunderstorms we had the previous day there was no mud in sight and the trails were dry and pleasant. I had figured out that the hashpoint was near intersection 14 on the park trail map. The park has informative clear signs at each trail intersection so navigation was easy. While the trailhead was just under 1 km from the hashpoint as the crow flies, the park trails did not go nearly so directly and I expect I walked about 1.5 km each way. It was cool and pleasant and the forest trail gave a nice mix of sun and shade. The hashpoint was in an open glade with little copses of beech and white pine trees just a short distance away from the trail.