2019-06-04 62 29

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Tue 4 Jun 2019 in 62,29:
62.4520814, 29.8719524

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In a forest near some houses and close to the shore of lake Pyhäselkä.



The location seems to be easily accessible, and I will cycle there. I have two possible plans:

  • Go there early and be there during the sunrise, at 3:16 (or 2:15 local mean solar time). As I am writing this, it is just past 1 o'clock and I feel like I cannot sleep anyway. However, the weather is rainy, and I would not get to see the sun.
  • Go there in the evening after work when the weather should be nice.

Update half an hour later: The rain has calmed down. I will do the first plan.


I left from home at about 2 o'clock. The sky was covered in thick clouds, and because of that it was still quite dark outside. And like I mentioned, it was raining occasionally too. When I cycled towards the hashpoint, visibility improved gradually as the moment of sunrise got closer. Eventually, I reached the end of Huvilatie road and had only 120 metres to walk. I reached the hashpoint at 3:12, a few minutes before sunrise. However, due to the thick clouds it was impossible to see the actual sunrise. I tried to take some pictures, noticed that there was not enough light for my photographing setup, and left at 3:24. All in all, this was quite an uneventful expedition.

Sunrise geohash

The theoretical sunrise time is:

I was at the hashpoint from 3:12 to 3:24, so regardless of which time is correct, I was definitely there during sunrise.



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