2019-06-05 45 -121

From Geohashing
Wed 5 Jun 2019 in 45,-121:
45.6097674, -121.2047254

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On the shoulder of 6th Street in the Dalles, just off of Exit 83 of I-84.

(This is the location (45.60977,-121.20472) according to Geohashing.info, the Geohash Droid, xkcd.nathanwoodruff.com, and the Small Hash Inquiry Tool. A different location is currently shown on the map on this page, which, whatever.)



When I checked the hashpoints Wednesday morning, I saw this very accessible but not very interesting one. However, I also saw 2019-06-05 45 -120, which was also accessible AND an interesting location in a graticule and a county that have eluded me in the past. Two graticules, after work? Sounded excessive. I thought perhaps if I could find a way to knock off early at three or so, it might be... silly, but doable. I brought a GPS, a change of clothes, and the hashcot, just in cash. Then I got off work a little before 5:30, and... well...

Where I pulled over onto the shoulder of 6th Street is very close to an interstate on-ramp. As I checked my coordinates, a very ragged and unkempt fellow down on his luck, probably about my age but looking about double it, started staggering towards the car. It took a moment for me to realize -- he was hitchhiking, and thought I had stopped to pick him up. It was a little embarrassing to try to gesture that, no, I wasn't being kind or helpful, I had just stopped to take a picture of myself with this sign, because it was the proper place to do so according to four out of five sites running an algorithm from an old comic. He looked disappointed but understanding.

Then I continued on to 2019-06-05 45 -120. Since the only way to drive home from there was the way I got there, and since that took me right back by 2019-06-05 45 -121, naturally I visited the hashpoint again.



Michael5000 earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2019-06-05. It's a Double Hash.