2020-03-14 35 -76

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Sat 14 Mar 2020 in 35,-76:
35.2809345, -76.9591352

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Next to a dirt road, NE of New Bern near Cayton



Driving down to North Carolina to visit my brother, I had stopped in Maryland at a friend's place the night before to break up my drive. Unfortunately, there weren't any hashes I could visit on the first leg of my journey but before I went to bed, I reviewed all the hashes between MD and NC that might be reachable within a reasonable time and this one was nearly on my route.

Getting on the road about 08:30 after some coffee and a quick breakfast, it was a mostly uneventful drive down to the NC line. My original directions took me pretty close to the hash already, but to insure I didn't miss any turns, I turned to Google Maps on my phone to guide me in the rest of the way.

On the Google Street-views, I could see there was a gate on the Hash-road where it hit the main road to the South. I figured I'd give myself a better chance and try to go in on the North side first and if there was a gate there, then try the South side. Fortunately, when I got to the Dirt Road network by the hash, the gate was wide open and not seeing any posted signs, I drove in. Making my way to the hash, I passed an empty tree-stand and a couple other dirt roads.

Getting to the hash area, I pulled over and hopped out to do a short GPS dance. I needed to step slightly into the woods to get a good reading and just as I did, I stepped through some very sharp brambles that cut up my leg a bit. But getting my pictures, I was still happy to add another new Graticule to my list. On the way out, I was hoping the South gate would also be open; otherwise I would have to backtrack to where I came into this area. Fortunately, I was able to get through the open gate, but on this one, there was a No Trespassing - Private Road sign...oops. It looked like it was for a utility company and the rest of the forest was not posted so had I parked on the side of the main road, I think technically, I still could have made my way to the hash, just not supposed to use the road.

Anyway, I made it the rest of the way to my brother's house and spent a long weekend hanging out with the family. Due to the growing Pandemic Status of COVID-19, we didn't do much outside the house but I played with the nieces and we watched the standard kids movies to pass the time.

I was supposed to go to Raleigh on Tuesday the 17th with my Brother to go to the Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) hockey game, but that was also cancelled due to the Virus. I'll have to try again next year and maybe/hopefully meet up with Dave Drowsy too.



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