2020-03-16 51 8

From Geohashing
Mon 16 Mar 2020 in Paderborn:
51.1749342, 8.9610636

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The hash is located at the eastern side of the Edersee Edersee. The national park "Kellerwald-Edersee" begins at the other side of the lake. The nearest city is Vöhl.



With the hash in the 52,8 graticule beeing way to easy, I decided to take this one. I also wanted to take my motorcycle for a long ride (for fun and monitoring oil consumption).

I left home somewhere around 12'o clock. After filling my bike up with some cheap fuel, I headed south avoiding the main roads. The motorcycle part was really fun with nearly no traffic, great roads and landscape.

Fortunately the hashpoint was in a recreational area on a hiking track. I chose a parking spot just outside a village called Asel. The actual parking area there was locked down, but there was enough room on the other side of the road. I was quite confused to see three cars parking there (on a monday), I thought this was a remote area. While I got off my bike two people came from the hiking trail and asked all the standard questions about my motorbike. After they were finished they drove away. I decided to walk the remaining 3km in my motorbike gear (I brought normal shoes and a pair of jeans with me). This later turned out to be a mistake.

During my walk to the hashpoint I encountered additional five people (two of them children). I don't think they were geohashers. When I was near the hashpoint my GPS constantly failed me (crappy cell phone), making the hash dance way more difficult. In the end I managed to get some proof, which hopefully is acceptable for the people of the internet. I definitely walked through the actual hashpoint at some point of time.

On the way back to my motorcycle I was sweating a lot due to my warm clothes. I also saw an additional person walking the trail. I was wondering were they all came from and why they acted like it was normal to go hiking in full motorbike gear.

Back at my bike I drank nearly the whole bottle of water, I brought with me, and rode back home, arriving there just after sunset.