2020-06-14 49 8

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Sun 14 Jun 2020 in 49,8:
49.8967378, 8.2728862
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In a grain field between Harxheim and Mommenheim, Mainz area.


When one of the usual business networking sites notified me of Mampfreds Birthday, Yakamoz asked where the hash was to send a greeting. When the wife suggests hashing, the smart husband will comply. The satellite photos implied that the coordinates fell into some field, but at least near a dirt road.


Rincewind and Yakamoz


I was probably quite lucky that Yakamoz turned on smartphone navigation rather early, as my assumed route would likely have been unpassable because of construction work with a road block. Going by Autobahn we got fairly quickly to the first Mainz exit and a couple of federal road kilometers on, we had to turn a few times and were on the dirt road already. TheOffspring was quite happy to get off the car and was soon running down the dirt road. There were some sort of beets to the left, wheat on the right, and following the wheat field, some other sort of grain not yet as ripe.
Somehow the direction indicator on the satnav jumped wildly, but I found a tractor track with a nice vector going directly to the hash. I did the last few meters alone, since TheOffspring isn't certified in Crop Trampling Avoidance and needs more training. I could follow the tracks without causing (notable) damage- at least, that is what I assumed when I went in with 34m to the target. A couple of meters in, the satnav direction indicator turned completely to the left (West) though, so I went out again.
When the indicator turned, it was 14m off target. That was approximately the distance to the border between the two grain fields, so I carefully negotiated a way there and tried not to cause damage. With a stretched out arm, I got to 3m proximity, which I consider "reached", since it is well within satnav error, I've been there from the other side, I had clear view, etc. It was not worth trying to get nearer and, careful or not, damage crops. So, took photos and screenshots and hereby wish
Mampfred all the best for his next year of life and congratulations.

On the way back, we took Nierstein ferry and TheOffspring had a new, although rather short experience in travelling.



Rincewind and Yakamoz with TheOffspring earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2020-06-14.