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Sun 4 Oct 2020 in 50,19:
50.3921119, 19.3739426

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Forest near Trzebyczka village, Silesian voivodeship, Poland.


Zyxist (talk)


The hashpoint was quite far away from Kraków, so I decided to get there by car. I needed to reach out Trzebyczka village - there is only one road going there which ends with a balloon loop for buses. I parked several hundred meters further, at the entrace to the forest, changed my shoes and started walking. The weather was nice, but it was very wet after week-long rains. I followed a muddy path for about 1 km, until I reached some meadows. There, I turned south deeper into the forest. When I was less than 300 meters from the hash point, things got a bit harder - it turned out that the area is covered with a lot of shrubs and other plants and I had some trouble navigating through it. At one moment I was a bit afraid that it might be impossible to get to the destination, but finally I managed to locate the point and take the photo for the proof. I didn't spend too much time there, because the midges started attacking me. I got back to the car, and drove back to Kraków.