2020-10-05 52 8

From Geohashing
Mon 5 Oct 2020 in Bielefeld:
52.2644014, 8.0241679

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This Geohash is located in front of a house on August-Hölscher-Straße in Osnabrück.




After visiting 2020-10-05 52 10, I took the bicycle to Lehrte and from there, the train to Osnabrück.

This train's operator is the Westfalenbahn. Fun fact about their WiFi: Geohashing.site is not reachable. I first thought they might have blocked it for some weird reason, but it turns out that no .site domain works in this network, because the .site nameservers are not defined in their outdated system.

In the train in Bückeburg I came close to 2020-10-05 52 9, but I did not attempt to reach it.

At the train station in Osnabrück, I met Jan. We talked while walking the rest of the distance. The borough in which the coordinates are located is called Wüste, or in English: Desert. There is not much sand here, but lots of jokes about the name.

We arrived at the site of the Geohash in the street August-Hölscher-Straße. The coordinates were located in front of house 75 on stones in a checkered pattern. We located them and recorded proof.

Afterwards, we walked to Jan's apartment, and our ways separated. I went to the cathedral and ate my dinner there. Afterwards I walked to the Old City's train station and took the train to Lehrte. From Lehrte, I took my bicycle back home.




Jan and Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 8) geohash on 2020-10-05.
2020-10-05 52 8 06 Geohash.jpg
by geohashing in a place named Desert (Wüste) from the (52, 8) geohash on 2020-10-05.
Fippe earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2020-10-05. It's a Double Hash.