2021-02-21 49 7

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Sun 21 Feb 2021 in 49,7:
49.5150144, 7.9838062

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The hashpoint was very close to the Eiswoog, a small lake in the forest around Ramsen.



Be there at sunrise to gain the related achievement. It turned out to be a bad idea on sundays unless combined with the couch potato achievement. (I recommend to suspend the sunrise achievement on sundays and public holidays for the protection of the welfare of domestic animals agains overambitious newbie geohashers.)


Having set my mind to gain the sunrise achievement, the aspiring voice in my head and the aging cosy voice had a hard time trying to persuade one another to do/ not do this. They came up with a compromise (something more experienced people know as the best way to make ALL involved parties unhappy): set up an extremely challenging timeline. Knowing the technical time of sunrise to be at 7:24AM and the route to the starting point (very close to the hashpoint) to take one hour, setting the alarm to 6AM was a mistake. Thus we arrived two minutes after sunrise at the parking lot...

Ok, after screwing this up I decided not to ask for more trouble so early on a sunday morning but to skip the direct (steep) way through the forest and follow the trail instead. We then reached the hashpoint without further mishaps. The StupidGrinTM leaves a lot to be desired this time, which is due to a) me missing the sunrise by some minutes and b) Pedro being refused his morning nap. Sorry for that!

But we were compensated, as on the way or actually right next to the parking lot there was this very cool bridge for a small train (see photos below). The train runs through the forest, passing the Eiswoog and going through the Stempelkopftunnel. At least in some ancient times (maybe even before the dark ages) there was a train serving this route. Today it's just cool (and a bit spooky in the tunnel).


Is this the last photo of two young and hopeful geohashers before they are smashed to pieces by a gigantic steam locomotive shooting from this gloomy tunnel?

A large tree fell on the tracks and obviously no one cares so I imagine the track isn't active anymore. Which makes me think about how far one could walk on the tracks. Maybe back to to the Eiswoog, where they span the valley with the parking lot?!

The rest is left to the imagination of the interested reader.


Santu earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 7) geohash on 2021-02-21.