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Right next to a bike path in Doncaster-ish


Felix and Stevage.


We met up for coffee at the Fairfield Boathouse, a beautiful old wooden building on the banks of the Yarra. I watched magpies and ducks and first time boaters on the river while Felix, arriving slightly after me, waited for his coffee to arrive.

The ride was very straightforward, out along the Yarra Trail then the Koonung Creek Trail. The path wasn't too busy (unlike under lockdown, my god!) so we were able to chat about houses, work, friends, relationships as we were riding along - the usual.

Without mishap, we arrived at the point to deviate off the main trail, up a slight branch for 50 metres or so. Except we overshot and had to come back. The exact point was probably only a metre or so off this path, no challenge at all.

To celebrate we had the traditional canned beer, in a lovely grassy spot nearby. More chats, then time to get back on the bikes so Felix could make it back in time to get to a rally he was helping organise.


Here's Felix's route on Strava.