2021-04-25 51 4

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Sun 25 Apr 2021 in 51,4:
51.4433877, 4.3591288

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In a forest outside Huijbergen, North Brabant province.


FelixTheCat (talk)


Today's hash was in a forest next to Woensdrecht Air Base. I drove the hashmobile to the village of Huijbergen. There are a few pretty buildings, like the village church and a windmill. I walked about 1.8 km to the north, into the forest to find the hash. It was located about 20 m off the footpath, but luckily the forest wasn't too dense and I could reach the point without much difficulty. I took a few pictures and explored the forest a bit more. Then I drove back, did some shopping and went home.



FelixTheCat (talk) earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 4) geohash on 2021-04-25.