2021-06-10 62 30

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Thu 10 Jun 2021 in 62,30:
62.6122328, 30.0143052

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Next to a trail near Tukhulminlammit ponds.

The point on a topographic map: [5]



This one would be an easy one to get. I could pretty much cycle to the hashpoint, and the distance would not be very long, about 16 kilometres in one way. Also, since a partial solar eclipse would occur today, I planned the trip so that I would be at the geohash during the eclipse. According to the eclipse map at NASA eclipse web site, the eclipse would start, be at maximum and end at 12:58, 14:11 and 15:22 local time (UTC+3) respectively. Eclipse magnitude would be 0.44, and obscuration would be 32 %.

I left for the geohash at 12:50 and arrived at roughly 13:40. I had a lot of trouble finding the correct location: I parked the bicycle next to a tree and saw that the distance to the geohash was 1–3 metres. By the time I got my mobile phone out, it had increased to some eight metres. Fine, I backed up about that much, and it still displayed eight metres. I had to go forwards again and slightly off the trail, and finally I was able to get a photo of a distance of two metres. When I left, it was again some five metres. Yes, the GPS is derpy sometimes, and the terrain may have hindered the reception.

I had a pair of solar eclipse goggles with me, and with them I could see the eclipse getting closer to the moment of the maximum eclipse. There were no other visible effects like abnormally sharp shadows or crescent-shaped spots of sunlight since the eclipse magnitude was so small. Of course, I also wanted to take a photo of the eclipse. Using a pocket camera at maximum zoom (optical and digital), the solar eclipse goggles in front of the objective and my finger blocking most of the sunlight, I was able to get a few presentable photos out of about 150 attempts.

I got back on the bicycle and went for a stroll on an open logging area to see if I could find some late false morels (korvasieni, Gyromitra esculenta) or anything interesting. I could not: it has been way too dry for them to grow, and it is getting too late in the summer anyway. However, it looks like we will get decent amounts of berries later in the sommer as long as it rains occasionally. I also gave a retrohash visit to 2019-08-04 62 29 since it was so close. I could find the same tree stump but no trace of my marker.

According to the GPS receiver, the length of the trip was 33.9 km, of which I cycled 33.6 km and walked 0.3 km. In addition, I walked at least half a kilometre without the GPS receiver near the hashpoint and on the open logging area. The cycling distance includes the large amount of noise at the hashpoint. Even though the receiver stayed still on the bicycle, it appears to have jumped all over the place. The cumulative distance is probably not many hundreds of metres though.




Kripakko earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 30) geohash on 2021-06-10.
Kripakko earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 33.6 km to and from the (62, 30) geohash on 2021-06-10.