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Sat 17 Jul 2021 in 1,103:
1.4157251, 103.8332640

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In a HDB neighborhood near Khatib MRT station, near Yishun.


Vermouthandgin and Zertrin


For once in a long time, the geohash fell:

  • on a weekend
  • in Singapore territory
  • not on the sea
  • not in a lake, reservoir or canal
  • not in the jungle
  • not in a military area
  • not in an industrial area
  • not in a private property

but instead conveniently located in an HDB block near the Khatib MRT station, near Yishun.

Even if the hash fell exactly upon HDB block 840, thanks to the void decks, it is still possible to reach the coordinates "under" the building (at street level).

The point was however on the other side of Singapore from where we live, so when checking the coordinates on Friday night, I wasn't sure if we would gather the motivation to do the trip.


This was the day when Vermouthandgin was scheduled to get her second shot of the Covid vaccine. So we first went to the vaccination center neat Bukit Gombak. After that, and lunch in a nearby food court, we started walking towards Little Guilin Park and then wandered aimlessly pondering what to do of the rest of the afternoon and which bus could we take.

Then I remembered that the hashpoint was in Yishun, and suggested we could try it, as the weather was good, we had nothing else planned, and I never went to Yishun area before. Vermouthandgin also recalled there is a big mall there, and we were curious to visit it (for a change).

So we took a bus to the Bukit Batok MRT station, then the red MRT line from there to Khatib MRT station, and from there we just had to cross the road to reach the HDB block where the hashpoint was located.

The only issue once there was to manage to get the GPS fix to agree with our physical location, as we were surrounded by high rise buildings, which result in low accuracy / radio waves reflections which confuses the phone's GPS. We took some pictures, and then headed to the nearest bus stop to pursue our trip towards the Northpoint City mall at Yishun.

We spent the rest of the afternoon meandering in the huge mall (I was really not expecting such a huge complex, took some time getting oriented) before heading back home by bus in the evening.