2021-07-19 38 -77

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Mon 19 Jul 2021 in 38,-77:
38.8587166, -77.0468317

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In the middle of an interchange on the George Washington Memorial Parkway.



In addition to geohashing, I've always been interested in America's National Parks, it's a hobby of mine to visit as many of them as I possibly can. Living near the nation's capital, where the National Park Service administers a good deal of land, I knew it would only be a matter of time before a hashpoint landed on National Park Service land. Today, it finally did - the George Washington Memorial Parkway, technically a National Park.

Running all along the Virginia side of the Potomac River, the Parkway stretches from Northwest of DC to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. The National Park Service administers the parkway to create a beautiful drive down the river with amazing views of the city. Today, the hashpoint landed on land belonging to the parkway nearby a bike trail. I decided to go for my run today down that trail to reach the hash.

I parked nearby and ran down the trail to where it came alongside the parkway. From there, I ran along the shoulder of the parkway, and when no cars were coming in the exit lane, I quickly ran across the lane and straight to the hashpoint. Unfortunately, although the parkway is beautiful, the hashpoint itself didn't seem to be in the most interesting spot; it was merely on a field of grass between the exit lane and the parkway. I took a screenshot and a quick photo of the area, and then ran back to the trail. From there, I continued a short two-mile run, returned to my car, and headed back for home.